Shirashooladi vajra Ras 60 Tablets

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Shirashooladi vajra Ras: 60 tablets

Indicated in Headache due to Tension, Vascular and Positional Headache.

It is useful in treatment of Shiroroga (Disease of head). It gives relief in chronic headache, migraine, tension headache, and other type of headache.

Shirshooladri Vajra Rasa contains Shuddha Parad, Shuddha Gandhak, Loha Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma,, Shuddha Guggul and Triphala as active ingredients.

Has ability of relieving all types of Shirahshoola (headaches).
Maintains the health of brain and relieves the disease with its Vatashamak, Balya and Rasayan activity.


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