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Dr. Sachin Goswami
Dr. Sachin GoswamiAyurvedacharya
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Dr. Navdeep Garcha
Dr. Navdeep GarchaAyurvedacharya
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Dr. Bhawna
Dr. Bhawna(MD) Ayurvedacharya
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Dr. Amit
Dr. AmitAyurvedacharya
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Book Online Ayurvedic Consultation India

The Online Ayurvedic Consultation India has become popular because of wonderful yogic therapies, dietary methods and herbal lifestyle. Ayurveda helps us to live longer, happier and health life. The Ayurveda Medicines are usually prepared from the natural herbs that’s why these ayurvedic treatments bring more in harmony with the universe of life and consciousness.

The Principles of Ayurveda are different from other medical treatments like medical science, especially from Allopathic Medicine. Advitiya Ayurveda offers Online Ayurveda Consultation for effective Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurveda Consultation Online

Get in Touch with Our Ayurvedic Doctor for Ayurveda Consultation Online via Video-Conferencing. It is the easiest method for you and doctor to find the exact root cause of disease or problem.

Our Doctors for Ayurveda Online Consultation, are MD and Ayurvedacharya with a great experience of Ayurveda Treatment. They will first get all the information from you like the reports, disease, Problem, and the Symptoms you are getting to examine the root cause.

Ayurveda Consultation Online

Benefits of Online Consultation?

No Transportation

Every time you want to see your doctor, you have to make the trip to their office. Nevertheless, you can accept an online consultation without waiting for the bus or the taxi driver to agree.

Safe and Secure

You can use the free online medical consultation service with confidence knowing that it is a secure system. Your information is always kept safe and secure and is kept private.

Prevention of self-misdiagnosis

Many people use the internet to misdiagnose themselves because they are unsure of how to communicate with their doctor online.

Anytime anywhere

Medical crises are never preceded by warning signs. It may clatter at strange times, such as in the middle of the night. Normally, you would have to head to a 24-hour clinic or wait until the doctor’s office opened the next day.

Convenience at its best

A really useful alternative is to get a free online medical consultation. Your medical history is readily preserved online for future reference when you consult with an online doctor about your symptoms, saving you time from having to repeatedly answer the same questions.

100% Safe Consultation

You may be sure that your online consultation will be completely secure and private.


Each physician is a licenced medical professional with extensive training in their particular specialty.
We at Advitiya Ayurveda attest that one of the essential human rights is the right to privacy. Your whole medical history is kept private and discreet, as is your online consultation with us.
Yes, you will get a valid prescription from the our doctors.
Yes, you can upload pictures as well as reports during the chat with the doctor. ?
Yes, follow up with the same doctor.
The consultation fee on Advitiya Ayurveda will vary based on the doctor, the specialty, years of experience of the doctor, any discount applied, etc.
If you are unhappy with the care you are receiving from your primary care physician, have a chronic disease that is difficult for you to manage, have been diagnosed with a complicated medical condition, etc., you can also seek the advice of a specialist physician.
You will have 30 minutes to talk with the doctor after scheduling an online consultation. However, this timeframe may vary based on your health status and the quantity of questions you have.
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