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Netradoshghni by BODH pharmaceuticals is an Ayurvedic herbal preparation known for its wonderful results in treating secondary effect of various complicated diseases to the retina and eyes. It is also beneficial in treatment of other life style conditions impacting on eyes like DM , Hypertension, Thyroid dysfunction. It is effective retinotonic, hepatoprotective , anti glaucomatic combinations which acts as ocular detoxifying agent , opens the microchannels , reduces oxidative stress and nourishes various structures of the eye.

Ingredients –
Triphala – Antioxidant, antidiabetic and retinoprotective and vision enhancing activity.
Patol- Excrete out toxins from the eyes and reduces soft tissue oedema, helps to reduce
Guduchi- Balances tridosha , reduces excessive pitta dosha and maintains equilibrium inside the eyes
Nimb– Antimicrobial , anti glycaemic agent, improves blood quality.
Haridra– Anti-inflammatory, Antiallergic, Blood cleansing agent, reduces glycaemic load
Punarnava- Effectively removes Ama dosha (toxins) body and replinshes body, helps to control intraocular pressure
Khadira- It is has a strong healing properties, potent astringent , detoxifier , treats bleeding conditions
Vasaka – Acts as good anticoagulant.. Very useful in bleeding disorder , reduces excessive Kapha
Musta -Promotes regular elimination of the toxins , cleansing, and regularizes the blood circulation inside eyes.
Kutki -It is detoxifying agent, acts as a hepatoprotective and Vranropak(wound healer)
Agastya- It is potent antioxidant and helps to avoid degenerative changes at the level of retina
Shighru- Reduces inflammation, antioxidant , antihypertensive, anti glycaemic , reduces , Rich source of Vitamin A ,
Indications –
❖ Ocular inflammatory diseases
❖ Refractive error
❖ Retinitis pigmentosa
❖ Uveitis
❖ Age related macular degeneration
❖ Diabetic Retinopathy etc.
Dose and usage-500 mG once or twice or as directed by doctor.
It is usually administered with honey, ghee or milk.


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