Maltina – 60 Capsules

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Being a woman is to celebrate the true essence of womanhood worry-free. Dharishah brings for you women health care products in the form of Maltina. It helps you relish your womanhood with much-needed vitality. Dharishah Maltina comes with our 100+ years of ayurvedic excellence and has zero side effects.

Dharishah Maltina contains medicinal herbs that support wellness and wellbeing of women through different phases of the life cycle. The ingredients used in the production of Maltina have natural medicinal qualities read about them by scrolling down. They have been used in the system of ayurveda for centuries to treat problems related to hormonal imbalance and ensure utmost reproductive health in women.

Maltina is an Ayurveda remedy that helps you manage various signs like:

PCOS and its several symptoms like irregular periods, unexplained weight gain and bad skin, Leucorrhoea (White/Yellowish Discharge), painful menstruation and weakness related to it.


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