Indukantha Ghritham 150 Ml

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Indukantha Ghritham is a classical Ayurvedic ghee formulation crafted from an ancient Malayalam recipe book, Sahasrayogam. Its name, ‘Indukantha,’ mirrors the luminosity of the moon. When sickness dims your inner light, Indukantha Ghritham is here to reignite it, fortifying your immunity and quickly replenishing your energy, much like a radiant full moon illuminating the dark sky. This herbal-infused ghee invigorates your digestion and, aiding in weight regain after an illness.

Suitable for children and adults who often fall ill, Indukantha Ghritham is a potent immunity enhancer. Ghee carries a remarkable quality known as ‘Samskarasya Anuvartanat,’ which absorbs the goodness of added herbs without losing its benefits. Infused with nourishin Indukantha Ghritham promotes healthy weight gain. Let it help your inner light shine more brightly than ever before.


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