Herbodaya Kunkumadi Glycerine Soap -125g (PACK OF 2)

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Kunkumadi Glycerine Soap -125g


  1. Improves glow and complexion of the skin.
  2. Lightens Skin Tone and prevents black spots dark circles
  3. Slows Down Aging and removes blackheads.
  4. Very useful to dry and oily skin.
  5. Gives cleansing and nourishing effect on your skin.
  6. Traditionally made from Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Oil.

Information about Herbodaya Kunkumadi Glycerine Soap (125gm)

Herbodaya Kunkumadi Glycerine Soap (125gm)is a 100% Ayurvedic Product With No Side Effects.

The soap known as Herbodaya Kumkumadi is a superb cleaner. Traditional Ayurvedic Kunkumadi oil, from which it is made, gives the skin an even tone, a fresh, fragrant scent, and helps to clean and brighten the skin. They also aid in shielding the skin from sunlight and bacterial diseases. Saffron contains antioxidants that help to balance out skin tone and erase blemishes.

Enhances the skin’s tone and shine.
Enhances skin tone and shields eyes from dark circles

Removes blackheads and slows the aging process.
Excellent for oily and dry skin.
Gives your skin a nourishing and purifying effect.
Kumkumadi Oil from Ayurveda is traditionally used.


Kunkumadhi oil, Glycerine soap base, fragrance.

Safety Advice for Herbodaya Kunkumadi Glycerine Soap (125gm)

Before using, carefully read the label.
Store away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of children’s reach.



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