Dhootpapeshwar Panchatikta Ghruta Guggul

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PANCHATIKTA GUGGULU is a blend of herbs specifically designed to treat inflammation, drying and deadening of tissue and skin, particularly of the rectum. The primary ingredient, Neem, is a powerful treatment for ailments of the blood and plasma, rendering it very effective against many skin disorders which result from toxins and imbalances of the blood. It also has antiseptic qualities which coupled with the anti-inflammatory effects of several other ingredients renders this combination particularly useful in treating piles, and fissures. In addition, this blend contains many ingredients which cleanse the liver and kidneys, which further helps to clarify the skin and post-digestive functioning. Several fruit and herbs are added which are generally rejuvenating and soothing to the circulatory and digestive systems. This is a well-rounded blend intended to treat a variety of skin conditions including, but not limited to, rectal bleeding and inflammation.


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