Brihat Varunadi Kadha(450ml)


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About Dhootapapeshwar Brihat Varunadi Kadha

Varunadi Kadha is a highly effective Ayurvedic supplement that is made from a variety of herbs that are known to provide relief from disorders caused by a Kapha imbalance. An increase in the Kapha levels in the body is an uncomfortable feeling that also brings with it a host of issues and deficiencies. To counter these imbalances, Varunadi Kwath is a highly recommended remedy. This concoction is known to relieve conditions of indigestion, urinary tract issues, constipation, and even keep the lungs free of congestion. From the biological standpoint, Varunadi Kwath is a diuretic, lipolytic, and anti-inflammatory that can help ease any complications occurring from excess lipid production in the body.


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